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Faculty Details

S. NO Faculty Name Qualification Designation
1 Dr. Suresh J Ph.D., Associate Professor
2 Mr. SanthaKumar D M.Tech., MBA., (Ph.D)., Assistant Professor & Head
3 Mr. Rajasekar S M.Tech., (Ph.D)., Assistant Professor
4 Mr. Ashiq Irphan K M.Tech., (Ph.D)., Assistant Professor
5 Mrs. Elakiya V M.E., Assistant Professor
6 Ms. R. Rampriya M.E., Assistant Professor
7 Ms. D. Nivetha M.E., Assistant Professor
8 Mr. VimalRaja R M.Tech., Assistant Professor
9 Mrs. Suganya P M.E., Assistant Professor
10 Mrs. Suriya N M.Tech., Assistant Professor
Professional Bodies

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