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CSE Laboratory

The Department laboratories has well equipped systems, satisfying AICTE and Anna University Norms. The Lab is connected to the internet which allows students to enrich knowledge round the clock. The Students will find here an educational experience that will prepare them for an exciting and rewarding career and bright future unfurls here.

The Department target towards the research area holding

  1. 500 systems and 5 nos of IBM Rock servers.
  2. Wi-fi enabled campus with High bandwidth connectivity.
  3. Fully Air-conditioned laboratories.
  4. All original software, as specified.

Name of the Laboratory

The Department has the following laboratory facilities

  1. Networks Lab
  2. Software Development lab
  3. Graphics and Multimedia Lab
  4. E-learning and Internet lab
  5. Foss Lab
  6. Computer Practice Lab
  7. Hardware & Servicing Lab
  8. Communication Skill lab

Class Rooms

Each class room is furnished with a one LCD projector and Air conditioner, and a dedicated Laptop to support the e-Learning process. The class rooms are Wi-Fi enabled class rooms to support the e-Learning Initiative.

Department Library

The department library located in a dedicated and spacious room has more than 200 books covering a wide range of subjects and several Journals that include Database Systems, Software Engineering and Methodology, Operating Systems and Programming Languages, ACM Computing Surveys, International Journal for Neural Systems and Computational Intelligence and Applications, Software Engineering notes, Operating System review, Computer Communication review and Computer Architecture news.

Professional Bodies

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