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ECE Laboratories

The infrastructure in the laboratory is as per norms. Students get a wide exposure and practical hands on training in the sophisticated equipments during their lab sessions. The E.C.E. department has the following nine laboratories to cover all the experiment.
Circuits & Devices Lab

This lab is equipped with all electronic components and supporting equipments like (RPS, Function Generator, and CRO) and their characteristics, applications can be studied. Using these devices the small electronic circuits can be constructed and can be checked as well as using PSPICE software to check the graphical representation. Apart from this the lab is equipped with computers installed with latest electronics simulation software like multisim.
Digital Communication Lab

Concepts of all type of modulation & demodulation can be studied. It is equipped with Analog & Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, Fiber Optic trainer kits, Digital Modulation/ Demodulation kits, all ranges of DC power supplies, Function Generators. The recent communication techniques like fiber optic techniques can be demonstrated with available equipments & has highly advanced digital storage oscilloscopes. The communication equipments along with various types of antennas like horn antenna, dipoles etc.
Microprocessor Lab

This lab has various types of microprocessor, micro controller trainer kits like 8085,8086, 8051 etc & along with interfacing modules to demonstrate the detailed applications of microprocessors. It is also equipped with the pc for interfacing experiments and also the open source software “MASH” is available for the students to do the simulation experiments.
VLSI & Embedded Lab

The Embedded systems lab comprises of most expensive hardware like ARM board, FPGA kit, Wireless kit and imported kits. It also has supporting software’s like keil micro vision 3, Xilinx, modelsim, code warrior for arm9 wireless software. The detailed study of the VLSI trainer Kits concept based experiments can be performed. This lab has more than 30 numbers of Pentium IV 512 MB personnel computer along with required software’s like XILINX.

Optical & Microwave Lab

The optical & microwave lab is well equipped with all required equipments like klystron power supplies, microwave testing and measuring components microwave trainer kits, directional couplers Optical trainer kit, LED MODULE splicing kit, measuring components, all ranges of DC supplies, microwave test benches of klystron and gunn source, etc.
Elec. Circuit Design lab

ESD is an in-house design service laboratory to acquire knowledge and research experience with analog instrument, digital design as well as software development system construction and project management to provide the students with access to advanced electronics, assists with integrating electronics technology in to research programs. This laboratory has a various types of Fly Back Converter Kit, Buck-Boost Converter Kit etc.

Electronic Design Lab

In Electronic Design lab I and II, all the experiments are based on Advanced Software and Technology such as VHDL, VERILOG, MATLAB, PSPICE & Advanced Microcontroller 4, 16 bit Microprocessor. The students can get a detailed knowledge and practice on new software’s. This practice will make them to do their project on their own.
DSP & Networks lab

The detailed study of signal processing concept based experiments can be performed. This lab has more than 30 numbers of Pentium IV 512 MB personnel computer and all are installed with NETSIM along with required software like MATLAB 9 code composer studio version 3.1.. TMS320C50 Processor, TMS320C5416 Processor, TMS320C6711 Processor, ADSP 2181 Processor and SHARC Processor – ADDU 21160 with VDSP Software are available.

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