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CK College of Engineering and Technology is Patronized and Supported by a leading Indian Multinational FMCG Company. CavinKare which is known for its Uncompromising Quality and Aggression.

CavinKare Pvt ltd started out as a small partnership firm; it began its journey as Chik India; later renamed as CavinKare Pvt Ltd in 1998. With the innovation revolutionist C.K Ranganathan at the helm, CavinKare emerged into a successful business enterprise.

Now having its network all over the India and also in Abroad with popular brands like Chik, Meera, Indica, Garden, Ruchi, Cavin's etc. making a turnover of more than 1500 crore with the employee strngth of 3000+.

Today CavinKare having established firm foothold in the FMCG market commercially now started encouraging Education as a part of Social Corporate Responsibility. Within the umbrella of CK Academy azt Cuddalore, CK school of practical knowledge has experienced great success in the field of education with a unique and advanced system. Taking forward, CavinKare is now working on to raise the standard of Technical Education by patronizing CK College of Engineering & Technology.

Our college Placement team assists complete placement guidance for all eligible students. CK college of Engineering & Technology has tie up with VIT which offers a great opportunity to enter into the corporate the moment the students finish their studies.

Campus Interview is being organized every year for all the Disciplines of Engineering. Rigorous Training and personal care is taken to get through in the interview with good position and handsome package. Multinational companies like TCS, HCL, and Wipro & CTS are recruiting the talents of our Collge.

We organize existing Indusrty Specialists to share their experience and impart their kowledge very ofen to grow our students not only strong in Acdemics but also update with latest information and development in the Technology.

As part of Academics, CK College of Engineering & Technology provides training in relevant industries which enables the students to understand in full whatever thay study in the books. Because of this Practical Knowledge grows and in turn with this additional exposure thay will be able to eliminate the painful experience in the first few years of their professional career.

unless you communicate properly and others understand clearly all your knowledge on the subject may be wasted. Needless to say in today's scenario English is the only language which can break boundaries. Having understood very clearly English is the Link Language both within and outside India we conduct special coaching classes for English.

With huge collection of books and full fledge digital collections Our college has a membrship with National Programme for Teaching and Learning [NPTEL] , Developing Library Network - Delhi [DELNET] & All India Counsil for Technical Education [AICTE] Indian National Digital Library on line. Our Library professionals are participating in national & inernational conferences, seminars and workshops presenting technical and research papers.

Our college residential facility (hostel) is provided with excellent airy rooms for students for their comfortable stay away from home. There are separate hostel facilities for both men and women for a secure and carefree stay during their tenure in the college.

The college is provided with excellent canteen arrangement with modern facilities. Hygenic food and beverages are prepared for the students at subsidized rates.

The sprawling campus of this college is in the heart of Cuddalore Town and is easily accessible through public transport, private vehicles as well as college bus facilities connecting all nearby towns. The college management understands the hassles of transportation in the day to day life of students. So we provide 3 vehicles plying from nearby areas of the campus for the dependable transportation for the students, at no conveyance cost.

In the world of Technical education, empowering students is the real time education. The college management believes in developing students intellectual horizon by connecting with the rest of the world. In the first step towards seamless connectivity, each student should possess a laptop and the class room will be facilitated with wifi connection.

We believe in education to all, creating more opportunities and transforming individuals to the next level. Hence forth, we firmly do not believe in taking donations. The main goal of our organization is to impart knowledge to all classes of society.

Education is not just academics, we CK College of Engineering and Technology with the uique feature of coaching student with industry experts and also provides practical experience in revelant industries. We make sure our students become complete professonals from the day one.

Our college laboratories are virtual work places. All our laboratories are equipped with sensitive instruments, accessible to all the students. The labs are air conditioned to promote a calm and cool learning environment.

The World of sports offers number of opportunities to aspiring young men and women in today’s world. The college administration understands the aspiration of students and believes in providing professional training by experts in the field of sports so that skills in sports can be spotted and nurtured and right opportunities created for excellent professional training. We also provide training in games like table-tennis and other indoor games.
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